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Shiksha Expert Offers Reliable And Professional Advice On Study Opportunities

Incorporated By Visionary Educationarist,Who Put Together, Have Over 4 Years Of Experience In Education Advisory Services, In Addition To A Professional And Reliable Team Of Education Advisors. In Line With Shiksha Expert’s Expansion Plans And To Cope With The Demands Of Student Inquiries And Applications All Through The India And Even Abroad, Shiksha Expert Announces Its Franchisee Distribution.

Shiksha Expert’s Philosophy For Success Is Simple. We Serve Parents And Students By Providing Sound And Accurate Advice From A Down-To-Earth Perspective. The Knowledge We Provide Is Based On Having Visited Our Partner Institutions, Constant Updates On New Developments And Visiting The Students We Have Placed At Their Respective Universities To Ensure Of Their Well-Being And Academic Progress. Our Practice And Genuine Concern For The Success Of Our Students Has Contributed To The Success Of Shiksha Expert.

Today, We Are One Of The Best Study Consultancy Agencies And India’s Leading Education Group And A Lot Of Our Contacts With Students Are Referrals By Friends Of Friends And Their Parents. Over The Years, Shiksha Expert’s Founders Has Assisted Thousands Of Students To Secure University Placement And Get Settled In Their Career And The Numbers Are Growing Every Year. More Recently, Shiksha Expert Has Increased Its Provision Of Services To Include Consultancy Options For Students Planning To Start Their Entrepreneurial Venture.

From Pre-University Courses Such As Academic Programs, Diplomas Upto Bachelors, Master And PhD Courses, Shiksha Expert Has Successfully Placed Many Individuals To The Institutions Of Their Choice Through Dedicated Counseling And According To Each Student’s Priorities And Academic Profile. Students Gain A Whole New Perspective When They Visit Our Office As Our Trained Education Advisors Will Ensure That Students Are Enlightened To Make Well-Informed Decisions On What To Study, Where To Study, And How To Achieve Their University Goals Through An Open Mind And A Global Perspective.

To Date, Many Parents And Students Choose Shiksha Expert To Assist Them In Furthering Their Studies Because They Are Assured Of Our Friendly, Warm And Personal Services Which Comes Straight From The Heart, Because We Honestly Care About Our Student’s Future. Many Students Who Have Since Completed Their Study Experience Still Keep In Close Contact With Shiksha Expert, Forming Close Bonds And Valuable Friendships Over The Years. Your Success Is Important To Us And We Look Forward To Assisting You In Achieving Your Goals..


Certify New Skills With Microsoft Office Specialist

The Microsoft Office suits presents and exciting opportunity for a academic and career-training institutions to improve desktop computing skills.

With this software comes Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification, a valuable credential that recognizes the skills needed to use the full features and functionality of Office applications. The credentials can be used to your graduates’ advantages in a competitive environment by giving them the skills and expertise that Employers depend on.

Why certification is important to students, teachers and academic Institutions.

The need for Microsoft Office skills is increasing dramatically as more and more academic institutions and businesses are embracing power technologies. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification will enable students to advance academically and start their careers with proven office skills. Based on globally recognized standards, MOS certification is an important and distinguished credential for students when applying for jobs.

Now is your opportunity to deepen the substance and value of your curricula, especially business and technology courses. With certification, your students can differentiate their skills and be more academically prepared and workforce ready. Faculty can give more to their students by personally achieving certification in the Office suite. Schools can maximize their technology investment while strengthening their programs, relevance and stature.

Give students the benefits of Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

Microsoft Office Specialist certification is a qualification that both graduate schools and employers look for. Graduate admissions boards see certification as an indicator of motivation and digital literacy. Hiring managers views it as a real-world, recognized credential, providing, a standard that helps them fill openings quickly and maximize the return on resources and technology. Moreover, research shows that a comprehensive level of skill proficiency is directly linked to an immediate increase in on-the-job performance, regardless of the actual job function*. Knowing the value that the certification holds for hiring managers increases the student’s motivation to complete course work and advance.

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